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I'm thankful for all the amazing women and mom figures, ESPECIALLY my own mama, who have instilled this in me since I was a little girl, and those who continue to encourage me now. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and felt loved + special!

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My favorites from the month of April are kinda all over the place (which you'll find is very typical of me). BUT I love all of these things! Hope you enjoy!

1. My sister just started an Etsy shop where she sells all kinds of handmade earrings. I own several different pairs from her, but the tassels are probably my favorite. I wear these earrings all.the.time! I love the pop of color and bit of fun they add to my outfits!!
2. I have loved everything I have tried from the Kristen Ess Hair line. Since I have naturally curly hair, this Curl Creme is one of my favorites! It tames my frizz but doesn't weigh my hair down.
3. Okay, this is a silly thing to add, buuuut so many people don't know about the gloriousness that is La Croix! It's a great drink if you want something fun to drink, but are trying to avoid soda. They are also fun for healthy cocktails! Passionfruit is my favorite flavor. 
4. I love this dainty necklace from Shein. It's a cheap, light, and a pretty piece to add to outfits. PS so many people say Shein is sketchy, but I've never had any problems with them, just FYI ;)
5. Neckerchiefs and bandanas are one of my favorite accessories right now! They are so fun around your neck or in your hair. My current favorite is one of my mom's old bandanas, but Madewell has some super fun options as well as Old Navy! You can also find vintage scarves and bandanas at thrift stores and estate sales. Just make sure you wash them once. Or twice...
6. My personalized notecards are one of my favorite Scripted Desire items right now. There is nothing better than getting a random note in the mail. These cards are the perfect way to send some random love to people!
7. Another random addition, but I love this silly thing! It's a magnetic car mount that holds your phone. My mom got all of us kids these for Christmas and both my husband and I love them!  So convenient! You attach it to your air vent and can swivel it every which way. So convenient!
8. I have a new love for Pothos plants! I am horrible with plants, but our Pothos Ivy is growing so well! I only water it once a week and that's about all the care I give it. They are SO EASY but so pretty in your home! You can find them at Walmart or Ikea for super cheap too.

Let me know if you try any of these, or if you have any recommendations for ME! xox