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This weekend, my sister and I were talking about the state of our country. Every day it seems there is another conflict, disaster, political disagreement, etc. I scroll social media and see so much sadness, anger, hate, and cruelty. My sister and I agreed that we need to be reminded that there is still goodness in our world. That's where YOU come in!

For my 26th birthday (woohoo!) I would love for at least 26 people to join me in doing a random act of kindness today! It can be something as small as giving a stranger a compliment. You can pay for someone's coffee. You can pay for someone's dinner. Whatever you want! Just something out of the ordinary that will make someone else smile.

I've made this little card that you can print and pass on if you want. Maybe it will prompt others to keep the kindness going :) Go out and make someone's day!!! xoxo