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I'm excited to be doing a new {hopefully} monthly posts of some of my favorite things from the month. My favorites will be from all different categories -- home decor, fashion, beauty, fitness, whatever I'm loving that month! Some of these things I currently own and love, and others I've had my eye on but don't own {yet}.

1. This Tomato Cage Plant Stand is a favorite DIY I've been wanting to try! It looks cute + modern, and very easy!
2. This primer is one of my favorite beauty finds of the month! It gives a nice lil shimmer + glow to your face and is reasonably priced. I found it via one of my favorite beauty bloggers, The BeYOUty Bureau.
3. I don't own these mules but I love them! I've been looking for a pair of mules for Spring, and I love the unique color of these ones. They'd be perfect with cropped jeans or a mid-length dress!
4. I recently purchased this diffuser/humidifier and I love it! It has a timer that will automatically shut off which is one of my favorite features. I also like that it's smaller and doesn't look like most diffusers.
5. I'm not a big oil person (as in I have no idea what the benefits are, I just like them for the smell), but this is one of my favorites! It has a nice, clean, lemon-y smell! I drop 4-6 drops in my diffuser.
6. This mug has been one of my favorite Scripted Desire products this month! I gifted a few for Valentine's Day, but I also think they'd be fun for Mother's Day, as a bridal gift, or a "just because" gift for someone.
7. I recently bought these tennis shoes for working out and I'm in love! They are SOOO light and comfortable. Plus they are pretty dang cute and also affordable. Cute + affordable is my favorite combo! My husband and I like to get our tennis shoes from Rack Room because they offer "buy one get one 50% off" on most of their shoes!
8. The Volcano candle is easily one of my favorite scents from Capri Blue. It's a little sweet for some people, but I love it! If you live in Central Texas, you can shop Capri Blue Candles at Brickwood Boutique!
9. My friend Megan at Finespun shared this homemade Apple Cider Vinegar toner with me and I love it! You need: 2 cups of Witch Hazel, 1/4 cup Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, 10 drops of essential oil (I like lavender), and a clean bottle. Just mix the ingredients in the bottle and you're good to go! It does have a very strong scent, but it's waaaay cheaper than buying a toner from the store, and I feel like it has totally helped my skin!
10. These simple gold hoops are one of my favorite purchases because I wear them all the time! Simple but chic. They also come in silver and rose gold!

Let me know if you currently share my love for any of these favorites, or if you try out any of them out! xo



ALWAYS buy the flowers!
Although it's not Spring YET, I can feel it coming! Yesterday, we finally had a break from the rain and got to see the sun! As my husband and I sat outside, the giggles and playful squeals that filled our neighborhood made my heart happy. I love the cheerful moods + happiness that comes with Spring! A good bouquet of bright colorful flowers is SURE to bring even more cheer + happiness. So get outside, feel the warm sunshine on your face, and go buy yourself some flowers! 

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